Denver Broncos quarterback and reigning league MVP Peyton Manning has had a lot of success on the football field over the years, but a leading film director claims he shouldn't make a move into movies.

Starring in a film would act as a great way for Manning to extend his legacy beyond just what he has done on the football field. 

Manning is likely to have only two seasons left in the NFL, with his age and issues with a previous neck injury meaning his career could potentially  be over by the time he turns 40. 

The former Indianapolis Colts QB has delved into the world of acting on a few occasions, with a crazy entertainment escapade last year when he and his brother Eli performed in a parody advert.  

However, famed Hollywood director Brett Ratner isn’t much of a fan of him starring in movies after he has retired. 

Ratner has directed music videos for some of music’s biggest names, but he believes that Manning should stick to his day job. 

TMZ Sports reported, "Brett was quick to shoot it down -- telling TMZ Sports he just doesn't think Peyton's got what it takes to make the jump to the big screen."

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