LeBron James buys burgers for McDonald’s customers

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LeBron bought burgers for everyone at McDonald's
LeBron bought burgers for everyone at McDonald's.

Miami Heat star LeBron James showed off his generous side on Thursday after popping into a McDonald’s restaurant and buying everyone in it a bacon clubhouse burger.

The 29-year-old posed for a photo with the employees of the fast food chain on Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road, which was uploaded to Instagram by the NBA star’s friend Ernie Ramos, who wrote: “@kingjames stop in Mc Donald's today on Washington and Lincoln Rd. and purchase the new Bacon Club House Burger for everyone!!! #striveforgreatness"

However, it seems there is a little more to this than a simple act of generosity from the four-time NBA MVP. LeBron recently filmed a commercial for McDonald’s alongside rising NFL star Johnny Manziel advertising, you guessed it, the Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich.

So, this was almost certainly a PR stunt rather than the feel-good story of the day. But, still, at least everyone inside the McDonald’s restaurant got a free burger, right?

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