John Cena uses frustration to fuel WWE success

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Cena has his eye on the prize
Cena has his eye on the prize.

John Cena is the biggest name in the WWE.

That is a fact.

He has climbed to the summit of the organization after years of hard work and dedication.

And today he shared one secret to his, and others, success:

"Never underestimate the power of frustration.

"It's a byproduct of passion, it will help bring the best out of you and make success mean more," the veteran WWE superstar told his followers on Twitter.

Cena has endured his fair share of frustration during his time as a wrestler.

From being booed by wrestling fanatics, losing out to his fierce rivals in the ring, and suffering injuries which kept him out the business for several months at a time, the 36-year old has managed to use these setbacks to spur him on to become an 11-time title-holding WWE Champion - an unprecedented feat.

Cena is also a successful entrepreneur outside of the wrestling ring, endorsing numerous products as well as branching out into the acting world.

So when you get free advice from this guy, it is probably worth taking note of.

Cena is expected to take on Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania in a much anticipated clash and will surely use frustration to inspire him come the April showdown having been caught up in altercations with the Wyatt family in the recent past.

If only CM Punk took note and let his frustration with the WWE slide perhaps he could join Cena on the WrestleMania bill.

John Cena
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