Arizona Diamondbacks break down before MLB opener

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The Arizona Diamondbacks lining up for an anthem in a exhibition match
The Arizona Diamondbacks lining up for an anthem in a exhibition match.

The American pastime will open in a few hours in Australia and a new season of baseball will be underway as the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the LA Dodgers

But the Diamondbacks will have to get their cards out and see if AAA cards cover the Antipodean regions.

On their way to the stadium in Sydney the bus carrying some of the players got a flat tyre and broke down.

Instead of waiting for a replacement bus however, the players that were stranded decided to walk the rest of the way to the Sydney Cricket Ground where the season opener is taking place. Any delays? None at all.

All week the talk has been about how unsettled the players are having to temporarily relocate to Australia with pundits asking why this happens and claiming they wouldn't go.

Random occurrences like this of course can't be helped but it certainly won't help the players frame of mind or the negative press towards the location.

Because, if we're completely honest, no one breaks down anywhere at anytime except opening day in Australia.

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