Top 8: Transfers that clubs should forget about

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Is Kroos going to be joining United this summer?
Is Kroos going to be joining United this summer?.

With the best will in the world the majority of transfer rumours being bandied about aren’t going to come to fruition this summer.

As the transfer window rolls around - and naturally the media hype beings to hit overdrive - people can so easily be caught up in anticipation of appealing switches between European giants. Luckily, we here at GMS are here to help you keep your feet on the ground.

Whilst the occasional transfer rumour surfaces which could indeed happen, the vast majority of them fall into a category that we like to call ‘unlikely at best’. Then of course there’s the one’s which border on to impossible.

Here we give you a list of eight deals that most certainly won’t be happening once the summer transfer window rolls around….. The Top 8: Deals that clubs need to forget.

Robin Van Persie
Luke Shaw
Luis Suarez
Lionel Messi
Bacary Sagna
Premier League
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