CM Punk doesn’t think Triple H is a big deal

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CM Punk has not been seen since the Royal Rumble.
CM Punk has not been seen since the Royal Rumble..

Nobody quite seems to know the truth regarding the shock departure of CM Punk from the WWE, but a new angle has emerged regarding a rejected fight at Wrestlemania 30 against Triple H. CM Punk has not featured at a WWE event since Royal Rumble, and it remains unclear whether or not he will ever return.

Given that Punk has apparently upset Triple H, it would appear that any sort of reprieve might be a some way off for the longest reigning WWE champion of the modern era. According to Examiner, Punk had been offered the chance to fight Triple H at Wrestlemania this year, but was not interested in doing so.

CM Punk, it is claimed, does not agree with the assertion that a bout with Triple H is a particularly big deal, and certainly not one of the marquee events at Wrestlemania, as it was put forward. Last year Punk fought the Undertaker, and it would appear he was not willing to accept a fight lower on the bill only 12 months on.

Examiner reports that CM Punk simply ‘rolls his eyes’ when it is put to him that fighting Triple H has any particular sort of gravitas, with the exiled superstar believing such comments are out of touch with reality.

Triple H has further fuelled speculation about a feud of sorts with Punk after he appeared to take a swipe at the 35-year-old while praising Daniel Bryan for accepting his challenge of a Wrestlemania match-up.

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