CM Punk exit has annoyed Triple H

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Punk's exit has become famous. (©GettyImages)
Punk's exit has become famous. (©GettyImages).

CM Punk may well have offended Triple H with his decision to leave the WWE behind, according to sources in the U.S.

Wrestling Inc claims that the general feeling within the company is quickly being to switch to one of animosity towards Punk, who left the organisation at the end of January and hasn’t looked like making any sort of return. And it’s thought Triple H - who remains one of the leading figures under owner Vince McMahon - vented his personal frustration during the latest edition of Raw.

As relayed by Bleacher Report, The Game took a dig at Punk during a confrontation with Daniel Bryan, stating that although he was far from friends with Bryan, he respected him for the fact he hadn’t: “taken his ball and went home."

Though not mentioning Punk by name, there’s little doubt as to who Triple H was aiming his comments at. Even the fans picked up on it, with murmurs of Punk’s name having been chanted around the arena soon after the statement was made.

Not only is it looking increasingly unlikely that Punk will return to the WWE, but a question mark is beginning to hang over the prospect of whether or not they would ever take him back.

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