Jameis Winston apologies for boasting on Twitter

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The Heisman Trophy winner is now playing baseball
The Heisman Trophy winner is now playing baseball .

US college sports star Jameis Winston has created plenty of headlines on the sports field over the past twelve months, but at the weekend he created some on social media. 

On Saturday, Winston went about upsetting Clemson fans as he Tweeted a picture of their stadium, labelling it 'our house' as he refereed to his college football side's big 51-14 win last November. 

Winston was back in Clemson because of his participation with Florida State's baseball team, and he took the opportunity to make those opposition fans remember the day he threw for 444 yards and three touchdowns.

Winston has a national championship and a Heisman Trophy, and Saturday Florida State's multi-sport athlete proved he can troll with the best of them

He couldn't pass up the opportunity to remind Clemson fans about what happened the last time he was on campus, and the tweets certainly got plenty of backlash, with Winston labelled a 'big head' and accused of having 'no class'. 

The 20-year-old apologized a day later for the remarks, but he still urged fans to see the funny side of his comments. 

"Tweeting two pictures makes me have a big head and no class wow," he posted on Twitter. "But a stadium booing only one person is class?"

"I apologize if disrespected anyone that competed and sacrificed on those fields I posted but if your a fan be a fan and enjoy the show."

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