Top 10: Football man crushes

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David Beckham was visibly thought highly of at AC Milan
David Beckham was visibly thought highly of at AC Milan.

Come on guys, admit it, we all have a man crush. That one guy - or maybe more - that really tickles your fancy. If you saw him in the street you might want more than a selfie, perhaps a nice hug. 

It's not something to be ashamed of, in fact, it should be positively embraced. If we cannot appreciate the male form then we cannot appreciate ourselves.   

We hear a lot about footballers who focus more on their looks than their game, why are they chastened and condemned for this? - What's wrong with looking your best in front of the cameras?

Here I have compiled a list of blokes that really put the beautiful in the beautiful game. Please don't be shy, if you have any man crushes of your own that I've missed out then feel free to comment below. 


Sergio Aguero
Xabi Alonso
David Beckham
Gerard Pique
Cristiano Ronaldo
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