It's been four years since the New York Jets appeared on HBO's Hard Knocks program. Four short years since we saw Jets head coach Rex Ryan and star corner Darrelle Revis laughing and joking together during pre-season.

Oh how times change...

In his press conference today things weren't quite as jovial as Ryan was asked about Revis. The 51-year old called his former player "the enemy" and insisted the Mean Green would be out to make his life as hard as possible in Foxboro.

 "That’s two different teams in two years for him, and not us. He’s not ours," Ryan said.

"I think that maybe when he first went to Tampa I still saw him as my player, but that’s not the case now—that’s somebody else’s player. Obviously I recognized the kind of player he was when we had him, but he’s the enemy now. That’s the way you look at it.”

Revis is at the New England Patriots now, adding a whole new layer entirely to the already developed Jets/Pats rivalry.

But things weren't that intense the whole way through. Ryan reverted to his happy go lucky style when he complimented Revis and his ability to pull off the Patriots jersey.

"I think he’s not going to look good in the uniform," Ryan said at the NFL's annual meetings in Orlando, Fla. "That’s kind of how I see it."

They may still be on fairly pleasant terms but Jets will be looking to invade Revis Island and claim it as their own when the two sides meet next season.

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