Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant seem to have formed their own clique in the Los Angeles Lakers locker room this past few weeks.

After Kobe defended Nash for not wanting to retire so he could get more money, Nash has returned the favour for Kobe when talking about Bryant's relationship with Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni.

Kobe has been noticeably unhappy out of the team and shut down by the Lakers following an achilles injury. He's even gone as far as to start trash talking his own teammates.

But Nash says that the Black Mamba's annoyance is to be expected and laid some of the blame at Kobe's poor relationship with Coach D'Antoni.

In an interview today the Canadian confirmed that Bryant and D’Antoni have not become a good match together with the Lakers.

“I wouldn’t disagree,” Nash said to Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio. “We’ve seen that. People have deduced and read between the lines and felt that way, they’re not wrong. It’s not the perfect marriage.”

Bryant has questioned D'Antoni's near-implausible future with the Lakers in the past, and just like always it seems that the superstar will get his way.

After signing his megabucks new contract, Kobe can pretty much say what he wants when it comes to the franchise and he is doing exactly that. 

Badmouthing teammates, higher ups and now the coach should all be expected when you give such an intense, competitive individual like Bryant all that cash.

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