It may seem like Mark Cuban said some nasty things about the NFL yesterday, so today they took action.

In the teams meetings over new regulations, it was decided that there was to be no more goal post slam dunk celebrations. Any such celebration will result in a penalty.

It may seem like the NFL is taking the fun out of the game, especially in the wake of Mark Cuban's comments about the NFL's greed.

But in actuality, it's probably more to do with the players breaking the goal posts.

New Orleans Saints player Jimmy Graham quite famously broke a goal post using this celebration which took a long time to repair resulting in a delay of the game.

It has become something of a common occurrence though as many players started doing it. The big question now raises as to what will replace the slam dunk.

Personally, I'd like to see someone dribble the ball across the end zone but that would be difficult. How about getting creative and having more players join in, like in soccer?

Or, you know, you could just take the fun out of the game completely. If you want, NFL. You do make the rules after all.

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