A former stand-out basketball player at USC has vowed to help Israel solve their fertility problem by donating his own sperm, reports TMZ Sports.

David Blu, who currently plays in Israel for Maccabi Tel-Aviv told media that he would be willing to step in for the benefit of his adopted home country.

'The Daily Beast' reports that 15 sperm banks are on the brink of closing if they do not receive donors in the near future. However, Blu has spoken out about the concerning problem:

"The birth rate being low is a concern. I know the need for population. I would definitely donate sperm for the Israeli people. I love this country. It's important to keep the country thriving."

Blu plays for the Israeli national basketball team and has had three stints for Tel-Aviv as well as playing professionally in Italy, France and Russia.

He was a stand-out player for USC between 1998 and 2002 but went undrafted in 2002 despite being one of the leading players in the Pac-10.

Blu has averaged 8.9 points per game during his 151-game career, he has also averaged two rebounds per game over that time.

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