The Undertaker scares Brock Lesnar?

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The Undertaker once again substantiated the claim that he is going to continue his unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania XXX on Monday night’s Raw, by making Brock Lesnar look like a fool.

Lesnar and Paul Heyman took to the ring in the final segment of the night in order to call out The Undertaker, who had apparently snubbed him despite initially wanting a pre-Wrestlemania warm up fight. A procession of druids had approached the ring carrying a casket, which was thought to contain The Deadman, though when Lesnar opened it there was no one there.

Of course, as its often the case, the WWE did not disappoint in the surprise department. After Lesnar had scared the druids out of the arena The Undertaker emerged spectacularly from the unoccupied coffin and sent his opponent sprawling over the ropes after a flurry of punches.

Watch the action in the video above...

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The Undertaker
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