Opening day...a week early and in Australia?

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Major League Baseball is the majority owner of the Australian Baseball League, so its no wonder they opened the season in a place ripe for globalizing the game of baseball.

My issue isn't with the playing regular season games overseas, I believe that baseball is a great game, and at its highest level, is as compelling and entertaining as any other top level professional sport.

My issue is with opening the season in a foreign country, and at a time and in a manner where it's of little importance to the home fans.

The video above is a viral marketing campaign by Budweiser, the official bee sponsor of the MLB, and it's impossible, yet slightly endearing look at just how important opening day is to baseball fans is the reason why the season shouldn't be opened a week and a half early, and half a world away.

I would be in favor of sending a couple of teams on long road trips  heading into, or coming out of the all-star break in the middle of the season, and starting the regular season a few days earlier to accommodate travel and rest days, but the official start of the season is something that fans have made an important part of their season and the national discourse for over a century, and it feels watered down by not having home teams open at home.

I've been to opening day several times, and I'll attend opening night on Monday, as the Miami Marlins open at home against the Colorado Rockies. 

I think its an important tradition that should be kept in tact, and not exported, for the sake of selling caps on the other side of the world.

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