Hockey below the NHL is a strange environment filled with players who failed to reach the pros and spectators arguing about the price of beer.

But judging by this footage coming out of a local game stateside one official still managed to consume his fair share of the alcoholic beverage.

As the video shows, the carefree ref couldn't care less about the game that he is supposed to be officiating, instead focussing on perfecting those pirouette and aeroplane impressions.

Either he finally snapped at the poor quality of play he was being forced to watch, or he is planning on entering himself for the next Winter Olympics.

Regardless you can't help but admire the pure audacity of the referee (who is at this point still anonymous) as he blatantly ignores everyone else around him.

At present there is very little information about either the game, or the referee in question, but we salute him as he continues his one-man mission to bring entertainment to the referee position. 

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