Miguel Cabrera signed a massive deal for the Detroit Tigers this week as he earned himself a $292 million deal over ten years, and naturally he celebrated it in style. 

However, his celebration might not have been the most orthodox way to use his new found money, with the two-time home run champion choosing to pay his barber double for every haircut from now on. 

Much to the delight of the man who regularly cuts his hair, Cabrera's donation shows that the big-time batter still has some semblance of normality left in his mind.

Baseball contracts are now becoming the lead in all of world sports, and Cabrera's new deal stands him as one of the top earner in the sporting world.

Naturally the barber lost his mind when he realised he was going to be getting double for the next ten years.

The video of the encounter was captured by TMZ Sports, and the barber explained his feelings. 

Jordan told TMZ, "Miguel said he's gonna pay me double from now on."

The barber is based out of NYC where he has 2 barbershops, and Miguel may even use a jet for him during road game trips, "[Miguel] said he might send for me in a private jet," Jordan explained. 

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