Kobe Bryant doesn't let his daughters win at board games

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Bryant with his daughters after the 2010 NBA finals
Bryant with his daughters after the 2010 NBA finals.

Kobe Bryant is one of the most competitive in the history of not only basketball, but the whole of sport itself.

The Los Angeles Lakers star has won five NBA championships, two Finals MVP awards and is the Lakers All-Time leading points scorer.

Putting it simply, the man is used to winning, and it's a trait he is looking to pass on to his children.

In an piece by Ben McGrath in the latest issue of the New Yorker, Kobe recounts a story of the time he refused to let his three-year-old daughter Gianna win at Candy Land, a board game for children.

From the New Yorker article:

"He recalled playing Candy Land with her when she was three, and confronting the inevitable question of whether or not to let her win. 'You know it's my move,' he said. 'She obviously can see that I can win, so she'll know that I'm not-winning on purpose. Then what's that teaching?"

This is the great dilemma that any parent faces. Do you lose just to appease your child or face a veritable storm of cries and thrown toys by taking the win.

Well Kobe went for the latter option, and it was not pretty.

"So I just play the game, I win—and the kid goes ape s***," Bryant recalls. "She knocked the board over. "Baaaaa!" I was like, "S*** the kid's like me. Damn it.'"

Kobe loves to win, even if the game is for five year olds.

Kobe Bryant
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