Brock Lesnar's camp in shock praise of The Undertaker

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Lesnar will fight at Wrestlemania XXX.
Lesnar will fight at Wrestlemania XXX..

We may only be a few days away from what is gearing up to be one of the biggest Wrestlemania events of all-time, but that hasn’t stopped Paul Heyman from weighing in with his opinion on Brock Lesnar's opponent; The Undertaker.

Lesnar and The Dead Man will meet at Wrestlemania XXX on April 6, in a match which has already been extensively hyped. The Undertaker of course has his unprecedented 21-0 streak to protect, and many see Lesnar as the man who could potentially be the one to take it away from him.

Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, may have his critics, but he revealed in a recent interview with U.S sources that he believed The Undertaker was a once-in-a-lifetime talent. Considering the notorious bad blood between The Phenom and Heyman’s client, that’s no mean feat.

Heyman reportedly said: "I don't think it was as much the character as it was the man behind the character. I think The Undertaker is, much like Brock Lesnar, a once-in-a-lifetime wrestler, a once-in-a-lifetime athlete and a once-in-a-lifetime performer.

“You can't just put somebody in that slot. You need someone who can own up to the role and someone who makes the role theirs, who walks in the skin of the character. When that gels, when the athlete and the performer come together, then you have someone who is truly box office.

“This is not something that someone else could have accomplished. You couldn't have given that name and that character to anybody else – they would have never survived."

Of course Heyman’s comments will have done little to dull the tension between The Undertaker and Lesnar, which stands on a knife edge as it is. The only question most people want answering is whether or not his client can do the unthinkable, and end the longest running streak in sports entertainment.

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