The Chicago Cubs have started off their season in the worst possible fashion, going 0-2 after a extra-innings defeat and a walk off loss, but they at least have something to be happy about.

Their new leadoff man, Emilio Bonifacio, is at least putting in the hard graft at the plate, setting a modern day major league record with nine hits through the first two games of the regular season.

His Opening Day got off to a flying start, hitting 4-for-5 and followed up that impressive form with a 5-for-7 during Wednesday's 16-inning epic against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

That means he is hitting .750 for the season so far - although don't expect it to last.

CBS Sports claim that his nine hits during the opening two games has set a new record in the MLB with only four players in history managing eight hits previously.

Ira Flagstead (1926), Showboat Fisher (1930), Wade Boggs (1994) and Dante Bichette (1998) had shared the record up until now but all trail Bonifacio.

Although eagle-eyed statisticians should not be surprised by Bonifacio's achievement as the slugger is well known for his quick starts to the season.

In 2009 he went 14-25 through five games for an average of .583.

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