Jason Williams' highlight reel will leave you speechless

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Jason Williams is sadly missed in the NBA.

The former Memphis, Miami and Sacramento point guard lit up the league on a regular basis and was worth the entrance fee to a game himself. 

You really never knew what he was going to do next and provided a breath of fresh air when contrasted to the money making business the NBA was becoming.

As a tribute to "White Chocolate" the NBA's video and media team have made a special 'Throwback Thursday' tribute to the enigma with a compilation of his Top 10 Career Plays - which you can watch above.

The clips are truly incredible. Williams was able to pull off stuff in an NBA game that not even the Harlem Globetrotters would try and attempt in one of their shows.

To paraphrase one commentator; "If you don't like this video, then you don't like NBA basketball!"


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