The Undertaker wanted Lesnar to end his streak

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Will Lesnar end the streak? @esp_WWE
Will Lesnar end the streak? @esp_WWE.

They hold possibly one of the most notorious grudges in professional wrestling, but reports emanating from the U.S today claim that The Undertaker actually wanted Brock Lesnar to beat him when the two were rumoured to be getting ready to fight in 2010.

According to WhatCulture, citing reports in the Wrestling Observer, The Undertaker thought it was best that the WWE let Lesnar end his streak four years ago, but the company laughed the prospect off.

Of course at the time the on-going feud between two of the biggest stars on the planet was stealing headlines all over the world, and the clash - caught on camera mid-way through an Undertaker interview - following Lesnar’s loss to Cain Velasquez, did little to dim the speculation.

However no fight materialised as Lesnar remained contracted to the UFC. That makes things all the more interesting ahead of their upcoming clash at Wrestlemania XXX, where The Beast will get the chance to ensure the famous streak held by The Undertaker comes to a grinding halt at 21-0.

What do you think to Lesnar’s chances of hauling The Dead Man’s train off of its tracks? Let us know in the comment box below.

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