Johnny Manziel is one of the most polarizing figures in NFL Draft history.

The standout Texas A&M quarterback had a lauded career at College Station, winning the Heisman Award in his freshman year and garnering support from a whole host of celebrities.

But he is also criticized immensely, and with good reason. 

One of his newest detractors though is commenting from a pedestal that you or i could simply never attain however.

During his 15-year spell as a quarterback with the New York Giants, Phil Simms amassed two Super Bowl rings and a Super Bowl MVP award to go along with countless other trophies and honors.

Well Simms has had his say on 'Johnny Football' and it much of it isn't positive.

Speaking to CBSSports' Pat Kirwan, as soon as Manziel's name was mentioned, Simms was at him.

"Get ready, because the circus is coming to town," Simms is reported to have said, and that the team drafting Manziel has to be all in with who Johnny Football is as a quarterback.

Simms also went to town on Manziel's playing style under center. The 59-year said that the 21-year old has an average arm for the NFL and his emphasis on his speed doesn't bode well at all for any long-term future.

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