Why Kliff Kingsbury should be your new favourite coach

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Kingsbury looks scarily like his Hollywood counterpart
Kingsbury looks scarily like his Hollywood counterpart.

If you haven't heard of Kliff Kingsbury or seen a picture of him before then you are in for a shock.

The man in charge of the Texas Tech Red Raiders looks nothing like your typical middle-aged, rotund stomached college football coach.

No, instead the 34-year old head coach - the third youngest in college football - looks exactly one Hollywood A-lister, Ryan Gosling, and he's probably the coolest head coach we've ever seen.

From being so good looking that fans of the Red Raiders actually take home-made banners to games about how sexy he is, too admitting to flirting with the single moms of recruits he is trying to charm, there is nothing about Kingsbury that we don't love.

And he's only gone and made himself look even more perfect.

Today, the Red Raiders official Youtube channel released a video of the squad taking part in a dance-off, organized by Kingsbury, after a spring training practice session.

And then all of sudden, the coach whips off his jumper to reveal a shirt reading "Too Turnt Up" - a term for getting drunk or high at an awesome party - and challenged his wide receiver to a dance off. Kingsbury proceeded to bust out a stanky leg and cause his players to go crazy and mob him. We can't imagine Nick Saban doing similar.

So here's to Kliff Kingsbury - we wish he was our boss as well.

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