Johnny Manziel's top target gaining NFL Draft interest

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Evans had a successful career at Texas A&M
Evans had a successful career at Texas A&M.

NFL Draft receiving prospect Mike Evans has many fond admirers in the NFL, with an array of suitors looking to make a potential move for his services.

There are currently only a finite number of teams that can realistically make a play for the talented Evans, who helped Johnny Manziel develop his reputation at Texas A&M.

But it seems there are quite a lot of teams that would be willing to make a play for him by trading up to collect the prized asset.

According to one the most knowledgable draft experts around these days, Tony Pauline, Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens are prepared to move up, with St Louis Rams also interested in taking him.

However, it's understood that the Rams might be willing to trade down from their number two draft spot to pick up Evans lower in the first.

"Right now it looks like three teams are the frontrunners to make some sort of move for Evans," Pauline explained.

"If the St Louis Rams trade out of the second spot, and they will make every effort to do as much, Evans would be a target assuming they stay in the top ten. 

"Two teams selecting in the middle of the first frame who are very high on Evans and would consider trading up to grab him are the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens."

Evans is a highly rated receiver, particularly for his major involvement in Manziel's Texas A&M offense in the last few years, where he played a key role.

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