A very rare chance has arisen courtesy of the Arkansas State Red Wolves who are auctioning off the chance to be their head coach for a spring training game in April.

Even better, the auction is being held on ebay and was opened with an opening bid of $2,500 and currently stands at $11,700.

The ebay listing claims that the winner will:

Be the Head Coach for the game on Friday, April 18.

Give the pregame and halftime talk.

You choose whether your team 'goes for it' or punts on 4th down.

You get to call for the deep ball, trick play, run or pass, blitz, etc.

On headset with the staff throughout the entire game.

Winning Coach will receive a Powerade bath (and bragging rights)!

Photos of your Coaching Experience.

Coaching Gear. 

The Red Wolves have had their last three coaches leave for BCS conference jobs so who really knows what could happen following this experience?

Ok you're probably not going to become a BCS coach but it will offer a great experience for any Arkansas State fan.

The ebay listing will end on Monday and it is anyones guess just how much the bidding will end at.