Babe Ruth's first home run ball at Yankee Stadium up for auction

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Babe Ruth and another great Yankee, Lou Gehrig
Babe Ruth and another great Yankee, Lou Gehrig.

How much would you pay for a piece of baseball history?

Golden Auctions is holding a Babe Ruth memorabilia event in July, and one of the centerpieces will be a ball signed by Babe Ruth and dated February 14, 1923, the day Ruth was first invited to tour the "New Yankee Field", which was the original Yankee Stadium.

The signed ball was consigned to the New Jersey-based auction house by Joel Platt, who got the ball from the family of a man who worked at The Stadium in the 1920's.

Baseball memorabilia generally catches huge prices at auction, especially famous home run balls.

Mark McGwire's 70th home run ball from 1998 sold for $3 million, the record for a single ball. 

In 2007, Fashion designer Marc Ecko paid over $750,000 for Barry Bonds' record breaking 756th homer, before branding it with an asterisk and sending it to the baseball Hall of Fame.

The auction is set to take place on July 12, both online and in Baltimore.

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