The gossip-mongers were out in full force in Serie A this weekend, with the clash between Sampdoria and Inter Milan at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris on Sunday seeming the focus of a lot of attention.

Although the end result was a routine 4-0 victory for the visitors, the main controversy of the day appeared to result from the pre-match handshakes - or, more specifically, the lack of a handshake between Maxi Lopez and Mauro Icardi.

The problems that exist between the respective strikers has been well documented, and we will look into it further in just a moment.

What this latest incident further demonstrated, however, was how pre-match handshakes - just a polite and trivial tradition 95% of the time - still have this rather bizarre power to dictate and occasionally even dominate the football news agenda.

With the Lopez/Icardi spat in mind, we thought we would take a little look at some of the most infamous/serious (as well as one or two of the more light-hearted and amusing) pre-match snubs involving players in recent years.

Click on the tabs - above or below - to view our selections and, as ever, please don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box provided below.

What do/did you make of these snubs? Should we do away with the pre-match handshakes altogether do prevent further exacerbating issues that certain players might have with one another?

Have we made any glaring omissions from the list? Have your say...

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