Is this Johnny Manziel's new girlfriend?

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Johnny and his new girl? (©Twitter)
Johnny and his new girl? (©Twitter).

Johnny Manziel has been working hard to rid himself of the Johnny Football image that overshadowed his college career at times.

Unfortunately for him though, his private life still remains under scrutiny as he prepares for the NFL Draft.

And that escalated tenfold last night when Manziel was spotted getting close to a mystery girl at a Texas Rangers game - supposed girlfriend Lauren Hanley nowhere to be seen.

The former Texas A&M man is believed to have been dating Hanley in recent months but the quarterback was snapped with a new girl in Texas, rumored to be San Diego model Kyndal Kyaire, and it's safe to safe it has sent gossip-mongers into a whirl wind.

With Hanley surely having her own questions too.

You might ask why exactly does it matter who Manziel chooses to spend time with away from the gridiron?

Well, as Blake Bortles can attest, NFL teams are increasingly interested in the personal lives of potential recruits as they consider who to offer lucrative contacts to. And as such it might prove wise for Manziel to stick to one girl until May at least if he is to convince them that he has settled down in recent months.

Bortles, his fellow QB rival, famously admitted that scouts had questioned his own personal relationships during interviews at the NFL Combine - and we would expect that was the case too for Manziel.

Of course Johnny Manziel has every right to date, be seen with, or associate with, whoever he pleases but these sorts of incidents do little do downplay the Johnny Football image he is so desperate to shed. 

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