WWE: CM Punk's substantial royalties could signify future return

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WWE: CM Punk's exit has left a sour taste.
WWE: CM Punk's exit has left a sour taste..

Self-exiled WWE star CM Punk is still gaining a sweet amount of money from the wrestling organisation despite not being a part of their current plans.

The popular entertainer hasn't featured in the ring for the company since the start of the year, but this royalties revelation could signify there is still WWE life left in him yet.

After his appearance at the last Royal Rumble, in which he was eliminated by Kane, CM Punk has been on a so called sabbatical.

At the time, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon explained that CM Punk would be out of action for sometime.

"He's taking a sabbatical. Let me just put it that way," McMahon explained.

The thing we have to remember about Punk is that he hasn't been fired or placed under suspension. He is simply on leave.

This still leaves the popular man receiving royalties, according to certain reports.

It's understood that he is still getting paid in terms of merchandise royalties, which means the door continues to be open for a WWE return.

The Wrestling Observer reported an interesting angle on the whole CM Punk saga, which essentially says reconciliation is still possible because he is still receiving money, as opposed to Stone Cold Steve Austin, who breached his contract in 2002.

"Regarding an interesting point, when Steve Austin talked about when he walked out in 2002, he noted that because he breached the contract, he got no royalties," reported The Observer.

"He noted bills kept coming in and money wasn't coming in. That was his reason for saying he thought Punk would be back. However, with Punk, I don't know the details of the terms legally and financially they split on.

"It's very clear both sides agreed neither would say anything negative about the other, or even speak of the split. Punk is still getting royalties on his merchandise, which are pretty substantial.

"Even as of a few weeks ago, he was second only to Cena in merchandise sold. Officially, Punk is still not suspended, nor fired, nor released, but simply on a leave.

"So there may be hope of a reconciliation after all."

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