The mere thought of Stone Cold Steve Austin stepping back into the ring with the WWE is enough to make the vast majority of wrestling fans feel weak at the knees.

Add to that the prospect of Austin making his return against Brock Lesnar, and the results should speak for themselves. However according to sources in the U.S a dream matchup that would been scoffed at merely a year ago has a very good chance of coming to fruition. Hold onto your seats, things are about to get very messy indeed.

Rumours fuelled by a question posed by Paul Heyman on The Steven Austin Show shortly before WrestleMania 30 have taken on a new significance following Lesnar’s victory over The Undertaker on April 6. Many are now speculating that due to Austin’s refusal to dismiss the idea of himself fighting the man who ended one of the most famous streaks in sports entertainment, it could potentially happen.

When faced with the solid facts it’s an idea that, whilst incredibly optimistic, is difficult to rubbish entirely. If there’s one man Austin would come out of retirement for it is indeed Lesnar, as deduces. The very same report, which relays the information concerning the rumours, suggests that a future WrestleMania could easily be the ideal stage. Then of course there’s Heyman’s position amongst the gossip. There isn’t many better poised to broker such a colossal fight.

Even for him though, would the planning of Austin v Lesnar be impossible to navigate?

Brock Lesner
Stone Cold Steve Austin