Denver Broncos want Peyton Manning to throw less

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The Denver Broncos had one of the best offenses in the history of professional football last year and Peyton Manning had the greatest season of any quarterback ever.

The 38-year old set the record for most yards thrown in a season, beating Drew Brees’ previously held record by a single yard, as well as blitzing the record for most touchdowns thrown in a season, nailing 55 in a 2013 attack that was heaven for Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Eric Decker.

But even after going down in near enough every single NFL related history, the Broncos want to do something almost completely radical, they want the 13 time Pro Bowler to throw less.

From ESPN's Jeff Legwold:

"Manning himself might be asked to throw less so the offense can be more.

To face the realities of age and four neck surgeries and use his remember-when mind to help diversify the team’s attack, not only to help give it a plan B but endorse it in what he calls at the line scrimmage if things don’t go right on another important football afternoon."

The thing is though that the Broncos ran the ball the 11th most times out of all NFL sides. Such was the effectiveness of Manning's passing that opposing defenses regularly left the box open for Knowshon Moreno and Monte Ball to get as many touches as they did from Manning audibles.

It will be interesting to see how Denver line up this year and if they do keep the pigskin on the ground more to ease Manning through the season.

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