Baltimore Ravens to announce Ray Lewis statue soon

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Ray Lewis working for ESPN
Ray Lewis working for ESPN.

No player summed up the passion and intensity of a franchise more than Ray Lewis did whilst playing for the Baltimore Ravens and now he is going to be honoured by his team in statue form.

The Ravens plan to honour the future hall of famer with a statue of the 6 ft 1 linebacker outside the M&T Bank Stadium.

Lewis retired from football the season before last as he departed with the fairytale ending by winning the Super Bowl and leaving with the Lombardi Trophy in his last ever professional game.

He know works for ESPN and works as a contributor for their NFL coverage.

Sculptor Fred Kail is the man to design the Ray Lewis statue and he recently recalled his last statue project which was the creation of another Baltimore legend Johnny Unitas.

Kail spoke of the moment he knew what his next piece of work would be: "I was walking out of the stadium and I was passing Steve Bisciotti (Ravens owner), Steve looked over at me and said 'You know who's going to be next don't you?'"

Kail knew that it was inevitable that Lewis would be enshrined outside of the stadium he performed so admirably inside of for 17-years in the NFL.

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