Kobe Bryant an executive producer in a documentary about... Kobe Bryant!

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Kobe Bryant will not play in the All-Star game.
Kobe Bryant will not play in the All-Star game..

Whilst all the focus on Kobe Bryant's career at the moment is centered around his return to action for the Los Angeles Lakers next season, Showtime is set to air it's original documentary 'Kobe Bryant's Muse'.

The documentary will explore the life of one the games most popular athletes and will take a specific look at Bryant's inspirations and the challenges he has faced as an NBA athlete.

The film is directed by Gotham Chopra, a man who has worked as part of ESPN's team in the 30 for 30 documentaries but more interestingly is Bryant's own inclusion himself as an executive producer.

Stephen Espinoza who is the Executive Vice President of Showtime Sports explained the main details of the documentary: "Kobe Bryant’s Muse will offer viewers a deep character portrait of a professional athlete who has transcended his sport to become a culture-moving personality, We are thrilled that Kobe has given us this unprecedented access, which will allow our viewers to witness such a challenging period of time in the life of one of the NBA’s greatest players.

It is designed to cast a view over the 18-year career of Bryant and focus specifically on the mentorships, allies and rivals who have helped shape his basketball life. 

Many fans will be intrigued to delve into the psyche of one the greatest competitors in all of sports and really see what its like in the head of Kobe Bryant.

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