Who is the best striker in European football?

It's a question that is quite often asked, and if goals are all that you're interested in, then the European Golden Shoe is the best way to answer the question.

There is some method to the madness of this list, with the UEFA coefficient rankings having an impact on how many 'points' each goal is worth.

Top divisions like the Premier League and La Liga get 2 points for every goal, with the theory being that it's harder to hit the back of the net in the best divisions than in the lesser ones. It's a theory that made it difficult for Henrik Larsson to win the award in the 2000/2001 season, with every goal in the SPL worth just 1.5 points.

In the main, the cream rises to the top however, and the best players in the best divisions find their way to the front of the list - a point proved with Lionel Messi's three victories in the last four years.

It could be a different name who gets their hands on the trophy this year however, and here's the top ten with just a handful of games left this season....

Ligue 1
La Liga
Daniel Sturridge
Cristiano Ronaldo
Luis Suarez
Lionel Messi
Premier League