Indianapolis Colts fans will be happy with the extra salary room after centre Phil Costa decided to retire.

Costa had been with the Dallas Cowboys for around four years before entering free agency this year.

He was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts for a two-year deal worth around $2.2million after they had released Samson Satele.

However Costa has decided that, in the words of General Manager Ryan Grigson: "it's in his best interest to retire from the game."

Costa, who retires at age 26, has only had one full season with the Cowboys in 2011, but the Colts were hoping he would win the position or help the struggling Khaled Holmes in the position.

There are options for the Colts in the upcoming NFL draft, but not many. Their roster boasts only Holmes and the young Thomas Austin, so they will be certainly making enquires around the league.

Their draft picks also aren't the best for directly recruiting for a position. They have five picks in the draft but none in the first or fourth round.

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