Goldberg almost returned at Wrestlemania 30

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Bill Goldberg at a NASCAR event
Bill Goldberg at a NASCAR event.

Bill Goldberg was apparently lined up to return at Wrestlemania 30, according to reports.

Goldberg who is a former WCW and WWE champion was apparently in discussion with Triple H and meetings had been held.

However Goldberg had decided that he would only come out of retirement if the situation involving his return was right and that he could physically prepare for it properly.

There were apparent talks that a fued between him and Ryback was on the cards to help get over the WWE's newest - then unbeaten - talent. However, after reports of Ryback's attitude, ego and lack of cooperation in the business, this idea was scrapped.

Goldberg however has not stated what exactly would be the right situation, however you can't rule out a return given that he is open to it.

Goldberg has also mentioned that he'd like to perform in front of his family who had never seen him wrestle a live show before.

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