Premier League: 8 deadliest finishers of the last three seasons

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Podolski has been frustrated this season
Podolski has been frustrated this season.

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has been truly devastating in the Premier League this season, shrugging off a turbulent summer to score a staggering 30 goals in as many matches, all despite missing the first two months of the campaign through suspension.

Suarez has finally found the form to match his supreme technical talents and fighting spirit on the pitch, but fails to match Lukas Podolski and eight other Premier League stars in terms of a clinical streak in the final third.

Podolski has an absolute hammer of a left foot and a browse through the stats shows that over the last three seasons few Premier League players can claim to be as ruthless when shooting at goal, including Suarez and former Arsenal striker Robin van Persie.

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is definitely guilty of not getting the best out his 100 cap German international, but purely in terms of making chances count Arsenal fans should be encouraged that there's more to come from the crazy ex-Bayern Munich marksman.

GMS has taken a look at the numbers to find the eight Premier League stars with the best conversion rate for chances, going back from the present day to the 2011/12 so the results include three seasons.

Coaches and fans alike will definitely be surprised by some of the findings, with some stars definitely under-appreciated despite bringing an increasingly rare quality to the table.

Click ahead to find out which eight stars you can count on to find the target more than any other over a sustained period, with Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City stand-outs during that time all included.

*GMS has sourced its data for this countdown from Opta content director 'Orbinho', who was kind enough to crunch the numbers and share his findings on Twitter earlier this week. 

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