We all know that the NFL is a billion dollar industry, but did you know that the team on offense at the moment are the Buffalo Bills former cheerleaders?

They are accusing the Bills of demeaning treatment and unfair pay. That's right, the girls that are usually just seen as eye candy are now gaining their own sense of worth that is great to see unless you're in the Bills front office.

The former cheerleaders are in the process of suing their former employer the Bills, with apparent suggests physical and mental sexual harassment.

There are five of the former cheerleaders accusing the Bills of this demeaning treatment and unfair pay, with one of the cheerleaders - only named as Maria P - opening to ABC this week.

“Our dream as being a Buffalo Jills cheerleader was taken advantage of."

It's understood that the team regulated many of the things that the cheerleaders did day to day, such as the need to wear bikinis at an annual golf tournament.

At these events it's also said that the girls were forced to tolerate degrading comments and they were touched inappropriately, according to reports.

The 'jiggle test' was also used as a way to make sure the bodies of the cheerleaders were firm enough, with former Buffalo Jill Alyssa telling ABC, "Everything from standing in front of us with a clip board and have us do a jiggle test to see what parts of our body were jiggling."

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