Furious fan suing Seattle Seahawks for $40 million

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Has the Super Bowl win come at a price?
Has the Super Bowl win come at a price?.

The Seattle Seahawks are being sued by one disgruntled fan to the tune of $40 million, TMZ Sports is reporting today.

A John E. Williams has filed the massive law suit against the reigning Super Bowl champions after he was denied tickets to the Seahawks playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field back in January.

Specifically Williams alleges he was denied the chance to watch the game because he resides in Nevada.

At the time the Seahawks caused a bit of a fuss by refusing to accept ticket purchases from California and Nevada with reports suggesting they were trying to nullify the chance of 49ers fans making the trip to Seattle.

Now while that may well seem unfair to many, a point Williams reportedly addressed in the lawsuit, it is hard to see where the claimant has pulled the huge $40 million figure from.

With tickets for the game going for around $400 you would have to think Williams was planning on buying a lot of tickets!

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