The Blues search for that perfect striker, could be hindered by their decision to adhere to the FPP. 

While Diego Costa seems highly talented, he has had only one good season, and could be a gamble at a huge price. Chelsea would be much better off purchasing Cavani or Falcao, provided the latter comes out clean from his injury. 

With Torres, Ba, and Eto'o, all on their way out, Chelsea would need two new finishers to complete their attacking might. Lukaku seems more than likely to return to the Bridge now, and someone like Cavani or Falcao would help the Belgian learn and grow.

With PSG highly interested in Oscar, the Blues should sell the Brazilian now, and make good use of the cash. 

The £28 million purchase has been a solid performer for Chelsea, but with an eye on the bigger picture, here are five reasons why the sale should happen.

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