Manchester United - five players who could revive them

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Kroos has been the heart of a Bayern Munich machine (©GettyImages)
Kroos has been the heart of a Bayern Munich machine (©GettyImages).

Toni Kroos

It's well known that United have a gaping black whole in their squad, or more commonly known as their midfield. 

Before Marouane Fellaini, the last centre midfielder the Manchester club signed was Owen Hargreaves. Yes, it's been that long. 

Amongst several other things, United lack a deep creative force in the mould of Paul Scholes, and the perfect man for the job is Toni Kroos. This season Kroos has thrived in his new deep lying playmaker role has been central to Bayern Munich's domestic title. 

He is an expert passer, is calm on the ball and is brilliant at reading the game, qualities that United have blatantly lacked this season. 

With only a year left on his contract come the summer, Kroos could come at a below market price and the club should go all out to get him if they want to return to the top again. 

Manchester United
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