Sunday morning was a fairly routine one for Cathal Pendred. The MMA star was enjoying a walk down the Irish coast with his girlfriend, before unwittingly being thrust into an uncommon situation.

Pendred, who starred in The Ultimate Fighter series 19, was alerted to a commotion down on the beach and found a baby dolphin in trouble, washed up on the shore.

The mammal was weak and unable to fight against the incoming tide, so Pendred did what any ridiculously strong man would, he picked up the dolphin and walked against the breaking waves to get it to safety.

"I continued trying to push the dolphin out past the waves but he continued to get washed back in," Pendred told Fox Sports. "He was bleeding and had a lot of cuts so I think it was due to these injuries that he wasn't strong enough to swim past the break,"

But things looked bleak for the marine mammal, with an incredible amount of cuts and injuries diminishing whatever power it could muster. 

"At one point the current dragged him into a very rocky, shallow area of the beach and the dolphin became stuck. I couldn't push him as his underside was scratching off the rocks and cutting him."

"So that's when I picked up the dolphin and brought him to a deeper, less rocky area. I eventually was able to push him out past the waves and into the deeper part of the water. I stayed around for a while to make sure he wasn't brought back in. And when I realized he wasn't going to getting washed back, I headed for the hotel because I was wet and freezing."

A picture was taken of him in the process of saving the dolphin, which he posted on his Twitter account after everything calmed down again and the sea animal was saved.

Not a bad way to impress a girlfriend at all.

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