Admit it, you spent the majority of your childhood believing that the WWE was real, and that professional wrestlers spent their lives hitting each other with steel chairs and regularly getting knocked unconscious.

If you still believe it’s real then kindly click off this article now, because we’re about to share a harsh truth similar to a child being told that it’s his parents putting Christmas presents under the tree before December 25, not a fat man named Santa Claus - the damage done isn't intentionally real.

But while this won’t have come as any major shock to the vast majority of you, one piece of info that probably will have eluded you until now is what exactly a script given to a WWE star looks like.

Well, thanks to a supposed leaked script doing the rounds in the U.S, we can show you. With regards to how the match goes it’s surprisingly mainly at the discretion of the wrestlers what happens within the ring. Of course, the big moves in the match, and the outcome, have already been predetermined, but the flow of the fight itself is down to the two stars involved - providing they finish by their allotted time.

Take a look above for the picture of the leaked script for April 14 RAW, or click on the link here...