Arsenal striker Bendtner has not been in touch with Copenhagen

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Bendtner wants a massive wage.
Bendtner wants a massive wage..

Copenhagen would be willing to talk to Arsenal striker Nicklas Bentdner regarding a proposed summer transfer, but only if the Denmark international would be prepared to take a significant pay cut. Bendtner is surplus to requirements in north London, but has seen a number of deals fail due to his exorbitant wage demands.

Bendtner currently earns a tidy sum of £52,000-per-week at Arsenal, where he rarely even appears on the bench, and this has been a stumbling block for several interested parties. Copenhagen, like many clubs, would be ready to speak to Bendtner, but manager Stale Solbakken claims any deal at present would be unlikely seeing as the forward’s salary almost exceeds that off his current squad combined.

“Bendtner earns almost as much as the whole team together, but if he calls and says he is willing to [take a pay cut] we can we talk about it," Solbakken said, according to Jyllands Posten.

"We have not contacted him, and he has not contacted us.”

It would appear unlikely, however, that Solbakken would get his wish, with reports claiming that Bendtner would not be willing to lower his wages. In fact, The Mirror claims that the Arsenal outcast is actually holding out for double his current earnings - a weekly salary of £104,000.

Thankfully for Arsenal, they will no longer have to deal with the 26-year-old beyond this season, with Bendtner having confirmed (as if it was needed) that he will leave the club when his contract expires in the summer.

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