John Cena didn't feature on Raw this past week because the WWE wanted to push his appearance on the WWE Network's Main Event, according to the 

It appears that the industry are concentrating on gaining subscribers for the Network, as they look to hit the one million mark. 

That's why they used Cena - one of the leading superstars in the WWE - as the face of the Main Event this past week. 

Cena's currently involved in an ongoing feud with the leader of The Family, Bray Wyatt and many fans will be hoping to see him return to next week's Raw show. 

It remains to be seen as to how Vince McMahon and Co. continue to push The Network over the coming months, but a number of the elite wrestlers seem certain to take key roles. 

The WWE will continue to add and remove content on the Network for the foreseeable future. 

WWE fans: Do you think the company should make the Network a priority? Have your say below! 

John Cena