World Cup: Five rising stars who could have a huge impact

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Januzaj is a ray of light for Man Utd
Januzaj is a ray of light for Man Utd.

1. Adnan Januzaj

No top five youngster list would be complete without the superstar that is Manchester United's Adnan Januzaj.

Maybe a controversial choice for first place in these rankings however, the 19-year-old has taken the hearts of United fans with his attacking flare and eye for goal.

He is one positive that Manchester United can take away from a disappointing season - the youth system has once more triumphed.

To place a name tag, such as the next Ryan Giggs or the next Cristiano Ronaldo, on Januzaj would be near impossible. He is his own player: his wit and ability outshines those around him. Ok, he is not the end product as it currently stands but, his potential outweighs the rest.

If Manchester United are able to keep the youngster on track, Januzaj definitely has all the opportunities to become a true world beater. For many fans he is the future of the club, a key star in United's plans as they aim to revive themselves after a miserable year.

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