LeBron James to star in latest Judd Apatow movie

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Will LeBron be able to make you laugh?
Will LeBron be able to make you laugh?.

LeBron James is set to appear in the latest movie from Hollywood hit-maker Judd Apatow, the director revealed today.

The Miami Heat star will spend part of his offseason acting alongside acting stalwarts such as Tilda Swinton and Any Schumer in Apatow's new movie, Trainwreck.

The director, whose previous work includes Knocked Up and Bridesmaids, made the announcement on his official Facebook page and took a swipe at the two-time NBA champion in the process.

"I just wanted to say we're so glad that you are joining the cast...and now the world will finally get to see what your true gifts are," said Apatow.

While James is still busy performing in his usual day job, with the Miami Heat continuing to be involved in the NBA playoffs, this is not his first venture into the entertainment business in recent times.

LeBron is listed as the producer on a movie documenting his high-school career, and will co-star alongside Kevin Hart in a Universal picture entitles Ballers.

The four-time NBA MVP and his Miami Heat teammates have made light work of the postseason so far, with the franchise winning their first round 4-0 and leading the Nets 1-0 in round two at present.

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