Oakland A's' ball-on-string prank trolls fans hard

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MLB benches are notorious for pranks and misbehaviour, and the Oakland A's continued that tradition with a hilarious stunt which left eager souvenir hunters disappointed this week.

As the video above shows, A's pitcher Sonny Gray was at the center of things during Oakland's game against the Mariners this week.

Armed with a baseball on a string the 24-year-old nonchalantly threw the ball up above the dugout in what looked like a simple act of generosity to delighted fans gathered behind the bench.

Little did they know the devious trick the Oakland players had up their sleeve, with Gray and his teammates finding great amusement as they reeled in the ball just out of the grasp of fans.

You can check out the prank (which occurs around the 12 second mark) above or via this link.

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