The New York Yankees retire another jersey

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Jeter's No.2 is the last single-digit number available.
Jeter's No.2 is the last single-digit number available. .

The New York Yankees have announced the decision to retire Joe Torre's No. 6 jersey.

Hall-of-famer Torre managed the Yankees to four World Series titles in a five-year run, beginning in 1996.

It leaves Derek Jeter's No. 2 jersey as the only single-digit number yet to be honoured by the Harlem-based team.

Jeter's number is expected to be retired when he finally hangs up his glove at the end of the season but now is Torre's time to be honoured.

The former manager led the Yankees to six American League pennants in 12 seasons and becomes the third manager to have his number retired after Billy Martin and Casey Stengel.

"I am incredibly humbled," Torre said in a statement. "The Hall of Fame became possible for me because of what our players accomplished in 12 memorable years representing this historic franchise together. I hope that No. 6 will stand for everything that our players achieved."

18 players and managers have had numbers retired by the Yankees throughout their rich history with the No. 8 being retired twice in honour of Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey.

The Yankees will host a ceremony for Torre on August 23 at the Yankee Stadium.

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